Nutrien produces and distributes over 25 million tonnes of potashnitrogen and phosphate products for agricultural, industrial and feed customers world-wide.  The Nutrien mines include hundreds of mobile and fixed assets that continually need maintenance to ensure everything is running optimally.  Nutrien had tried a manual system of recording operational run-time and hours and then entering into their maintenance software on a regular basis.  This resulted in many lost readings and also inaccuracy as operators frequently recorded wrong values.  Nutrien also worked on a rigid time schedule to ensure each vehicle was serviced every 3 months.  This approach can also be an issue as some vehicles are operated frequently required maintenance before 3 months.  Others are very infrequent and can be serviced at a longer interval between visits.

  • Check-It was able to install small sensors that would report when the asset was running and transmit the information back to the secure Nutrien data centre.
  • The sensors used the existing Nutrien Wi-fi network to utilize existing infrastructure with the system continually looking for coverage.
  • All data is logged within the vehicle if Wi-fi coverage isn’t available. This data is then all forwarded back to the data centre when coverage is detected.   The sensors are powered by the vehicle but also include a small battery to send any remaining data points immediately after the vehicle is powered off.
  • Data retrieved by the assets is automatically integrated with the maintenance software to automatically report when the asset is due for maintenance based on actual run times.