Remote Asset Management Solutions

Remote Asset Management Solutions

Reduce the complexity of your asset management system by partnering with Check-It Solutions. We can be part of your asset information systems that support the management of your assets. We have created solutions with Clients that have their assets geographically dispersed over a large area. Capturing, monitoring and analysing the data allows you to determine the health of the asset that you are monitoring in real time.

Our Remote Asset Management Solutions allows clients to share data, make actionable decisions and help break down the silos that may be occurring internally. Our solutions have evolved over years of use, you can be assured that our products have been field tested in some pretty harsh environments.

  • Access to all the real-time and historical remote information needed to make informed decisions across your entire portfolio.
  • Any type of data needed from fixed or mobile assets anywhere such as vehicles, motors, pumps with any type of information needed. Run-time, distance, vibration, etc.
  • Multiple communication options depending on type of asset, coverage range required, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Lora, LTE, RFID, Etc.
Remote Asset Management Solutions in an underground environment

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Project Tracking
  • Extend the useful life of assets by implementing a maintenance schedule based on actual data
  • Data is immediately sent or stored until the asset is back in wireless coverage.
  • Integrate your asset data with any type of maintenance or back office applications using Check-It APIs.
  • Data can be hosted securely in our cloud or yours.

We understand that each of our clients have a unique problem that they are trying to solve. Check-It Solutions has extensive experience (est. 2008) and brings an open mind to help problem solve with clients. We enjoy a good challenge and place a heavy emphasis on our client user experience.