Create The Perfect Growing Environment

As growers, we all strive to create the perfect growing environment. Cannabis has been getting a lot of attention with licensed micro-cultivators popping up in many parts of North America. When you talk with Master Growers, everyone has slightly different ideas on the exact details when it comes to growing cannabis. Most industry growers don’t vary too far from one another when it comes to the ideal cannabis growing environment. These are the desired ranges we hear most often when talking to Master growers.

  • Temperature Range: 22-29°C during lights on and 18-22°C during lights off
  • Vapour Pressure Deficit: during the vegetative stage the ideal VPD for cannabis is around 1kPa. For the flowering stage the ideal VPD for cannabis is 1.2 – 1.5kPa 
  • Root Zone Temperature: 18-20°C
  • Relative Humidity: 40-60%
  • Light Cycle Length: 18 hours on, 6 hours off during vegetative growth; 12 hours on, 12 hours off during flowering
  • CO2 Levels: 900-1600 parts per million during lights on, none added during lights off

Monitor. Track. Analyze.

As always, it is important to find the “Sweet-Spot” for your plants. This means that your plants are getting the proper nutrition, the correct amount of light, enough air flow, the perfect temperature and humidity levels, and you are achieving your VPD goal.

Our Grow Log allows you to obtain consistent yields and consistent results. Tracking your performance by strain that you are growing, allows you to really fine-tune our system and your results. Our goal is to Create the perfect growing environment for your operation.

Our Smart Growing Solution is simple and intuitive and will allow you to find your “Sweet-Spot”. Contact us to get started. We have experience working with growers and provide solutions that are reliable and proven, we have been around since 2008.

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