Sustainable Energy Management

Sustainable. Cost-savings. Asset utilization. Smart. As part of our IOT platform, Check-It Solutions provides an intelligent energy management solution aimed at improving building performance. The system will gather as much detailed consumption data as required to analyze and provide all the relevant information regarding time of use, peak times, potential mechanical failures and any other type of report or alert required. Check-It also monitors all other factors that lead to energy usage to understand where to target reduction efforts.

Visual display of what is using your energy, water, gas, etc. and at what time.

Establish an accurate baseline to set realistic forecasts and cost reductions.

Include all factors that relate top energy usage such as sunlight, weather, ambient temp and humidity, occupancy, time of day, etc.

Make smarter decisions about where to prioritize energy efficiency programs. Prioritize investments based on real energy performance data.

Use existing data, building management, along with new existing points.

Energy Monitoring

Energy – we have seen that where it comes from and how we use it, impacts the sustainability of our business.

We’re using more of it and paying more attention to where it comes from, how much we waste and how much it costs. There is an urgent need for responsible energy management. Some of the core values of business going forward are sustainability and environmental responsibility. With the green initiatives that we are seeing and being implemented from our governments on both sides of the borders. Sustainable Energy Management is a path forward.

Manage Your Energy Usage With Real-time Actionable Data

The more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it. One of Check-It’s core strategies of being an IOT innovative company, allows us to use all kinds of different sensors, Bluetooth, and IOT to provide you with visibility into your energy usage. We collect real-time energy data use and analytics of energy data. This actionable data enables you to monitor and influence operational performance, manage energy consumption, and prevent costly downtime of equipment.

Check-It Solutions collects all required data and information and puts it at the tip of your fingertips.  Our experienced team of business analysts and software developers can quickly make your business operation “smarter” and more reliable. Quickly viewing our online dashboard will let you easily spot potential issues or provides a real-time alert when a problem has occurred.  Check-It’s historical data trending and algorithms will provide you with the intelligence to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. The following includes some of our many areas of expertise as well as example solutions we have implemented while continuing to evolve and support.

With the rapid growth of the IoT market and accelerated evolution, wireless networks have become essential for successful implementations. It is important when deciding on the network to understand the mixture of sensors being used and location. Sensors can be remote where coverage is difficult, battery-operated, number of devices, traffic interference. human intervention, etc. The combination of factors is unlimited and without reliable communication, your solution will lose all integrity.

See the Whole Picture

The City of Saskatoon is located in Western Canada with a population of roughly 275,000 people. Check-It was hired by the City of Saskatoon to help lower usage on their largest buildings within the 500+ properties they own. Check-It installed energy monitors at a very detailed level to understand the usage between lighting, HVAC, motors etc. This included all swimming pools, ice arenas, large office buildings, schools, etc. Check-It is also monitoring the water, natural gas, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in various buildings throughout the city.

Impact Business Performance

Avoid costly downtime and extend the life of your equipment with predictive analytics and alerts to ensure your business is ‘always on’ and your equipment is performing at its best.

Contact us to learn how our sustainable energy management system can go to work for you.

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