Benefits of Data Visualization in Energy Management

The importance of data representation visually should not be underestimated. Visual details are easier to comprehend since such information looks more natural for the human mind. Trends, patterns, and outliers even within large data sets can be identified fast. Data visualization helps with the process of decision-making through interactive visual data representation. This post explores the Benefits of Data Visualization in Energy Management. 1) Know where to take action. 2) Alerts for electric failure. 3)Trending maintenance required due to more energy use.

Benefits of Data Visualization in Energy Management

  1. Know where to take action. Visualized data is processed faster. Visual content is processed much faster and easier than text.
  2. Alerts for electric failure. Get notified when power is lost.
  3. Trending maintenance alert when more a unit is using more energy than it should.
  4. Data visualization dashboards support visual learners. While 90% of information submitted to the brain is visual, learning styles vary among the population.
  5. Visualized data improves understanding of business operations.
  6. Data visualization tools show insights, causes, and trends that may be missed in traditional reports.
  7. Data visualization gives actionable items. Data visualization may help your organization see where there’s room for improvement or where performance is high.
  8. Data visualization increases productivity and sales.
  9. Encourages interaction with data.
  10. Helps save valuable employee time.

At Check-It, data visualization is delivering information in the most efficient way. Initially, the raw data gathered is modeled and delivered for effective actionable decisions. Check-It also monitors all other factors that lead to energy usage to understand where to target reduction efforts.

  • Visual display of what is using your energy, water, gas, etc. and at what time.
  • Establish an accurate baseline to set realistic forecasts and cost reductions
  • Know when to take action
  • Include all factors that relate top energy usage such as sunlight, weather, ambient temp and humidity, occupancy, time of day, etc.
  • Set alerts to know when a monitored piece of equipment is using too much energy, this is usually a sign that maintenance is required
  • Make smarter decisions about where to prioritize energy efficiency programs. Prioritize investments based on real energy performance data.
  • Use existing data, building management, along with new existing points
  • Use alerts to notify you of an electric failure

The benefits of visualization in energy management are such that they shape the information into images in a universal, fast, and effective manner. It helps businesses, and not only, identify the areas that require improvements. The role of data visualization in e-commerce and business is crucial for business owners, stakeholders, and decision-makers since it allows them to make better predictions in overall business processes. Recognizing the patterns faster due to the graphical or pictorial forms, the future development of the company can be estimated with better accuracy and optimized if it’s necessary in a due time.

Images speak louder than words, we use Infographics, heatmaps, fever charts, area charts or graphs.

Infographics. Used in extensive data collection, systematization and a comprehensive representation it visually.

Heatmap visualizations. Use a graph with numerical points that are highlighted in certain colors to indicate high values or low value data points.

Fever Charts. Represent changing data over a certain time period.

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